How to Register For a Free Second Life Account

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Second Life requires a newer desktop or notebook computer with dedicated graphics card. Check the system requirements here. Second Life will not run on ultrabooks or tablets.

To register and arrive directly at Cooperative Extension's Morrill region, CLICK ON THE BUTTON below and follow the on screen instructions. 


You will first be taken to a screen offering a small selection of starter avatars. The choice is not  important, because you can easily change your appearance when you log in for the first time.

The next screen asks you to choose an avatar name. At the present time this can only include letters or numbers with no spaces. Choose carefully, because you cannot change the name later. You can, however, have additional accounts (known as "alt" accounts.) It is a good idea to have a name that is easy to pronounce.

The third screens asks for some basic personal information, not much. You may want to take a few minutes to read the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. Then click "CREATE ACCOUNT."

Your avatar is now created and is "waiting" for you in Second Life. The fourth screen asks you to download and install Second Life on your computer. This will only take up about 35MB of space on your computer. Most of Second Life exists on their servers. Just follow your usual procedures for installing software on your PC or Mac. 

The software will create an icon on your computer that looks like a hand    Click on it and the log in screen will open. Enter your avatar name and password that you just created, then click Log In.You will be asked to read and accept the Terms of Service.

If you used the button above, you will arrive at the start area for eXtension (Cooperative Extension Home Base in the Fair Office, Morrill.) If you registered from the website, you will arrive in a public welcome area that may be quite crowded.  

To get to Cooperative Extension from there, click on the Search Icon  on the left of your viewer screen, and type "Cooperative Extension" in the search field. Find the Home Base location in the search results and click "Teleport." You will arrive in the Fair Office. If things do not look quite right at first, wait a minute, and your avatar and the surroundings will begin to appear.

Need some help? eXtension's Community Manager, Thynka Little, is available for personal orientation sessions.

To get in touch with Thynka, use the same Search Icon  and type "Thynka Little" in the search field. Find her name in the search results, click 'IM" and use the pop up window to send her a message. She will receive it the next time she is online, and get back to you. You may also click "Add Friend." As friends, you will be able to see when each other is in-world.

When you are ready to explore, there is a wall there at the Fair Office filled with teleports to various eXtension locations. You will also see a SL Destination Guide built into your viewer. 

Notice that you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to make your avatar walk around. Follow the instructions on the nearby wall, (Step1, Step2, and Step3). You will be directed to an orientation area, where you can learn the basic skills needed to explore Second Life. You can also get basic help in the viewer by pressing your F1 key. 

For more instructions about how to use the Second Life viewer, go to The Second Life Viewer.



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