Fingerplays and Songs for Child Care

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Boy with finger puppets

Welcome to the eXtension Alliance for Better Child Care database of fingerplays and songs for child care. Is there anything more enjoyable than watching young children light up as they sing a favorite song? In this collection, you will find lots of fingerplays, songs, and rhymes — some familiar and some new. 

There are three ways to see the fingerplays, songs, and rhymes:

We hope you find this collection of fingerplays, songs, and rhymes fun and useful. We encourage you to sing songs, do fingerplays, and chant rhymes often. They are great for building language as children increase vocabulary, learn the sounds of words, and hear the rhythm of language. Children can also gain large and small motor, memory, and social skills. Parents and grandparents may also enjoy sharing songs and rhymes they knew as children.

For More Information

To learn more about supporting young children's learning in child care, visit the eXtension Alliance for Better Child Care section on Early Learning and School Readiness, or take a look at the following articles:

For ideas on more specific activities to use in your child care program, check out the database of Hands-On Activities for Child Care, or visit the the database of Story-Stretching Ideas for Child Care to find activities that expand on favorite children's stories.

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