Soil Preparation for Flower Beds

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Proper soil care will reward the gardener with years of beautiful flowers. Source: YouTube - Southwest Yard and Garden - How to Prepare a Flower Bed for Spring Part I

Good soil preparation for flower beds helps create and maintain a healthy garden and can also reduce water requirements.

Things to keep in mind include:

  • Conduct a soil test to determine existing soil texture, nutrients, and pH
  • Tilling wet soil can destroy soil structure
  • Add organic matter to improve soil drainage and texture
  • Prepare planting beds in late summer or fall to avoid wet soil
  • Weed treatment and sod removal can be done in the fall without affecting flower beds as much
  • Use appropriate plants for climate and soil type

Following these few principles can make the difference between a thriving flower garden and one that requires constant watering, fertilizing, and maintenance.


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