Natural Disasters ... What about the Animals? Video Recordings

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Video recordings from the Sept. 24, 2011, Human-Animal Bond conference at Kansas State University are now available HERE.

The conference focused on pets and natural disasters and included the following sessions:

  • Book Review of ”Zeitoun” (written by Dave Eggers) by Dr. Greg Eiselein
  • First Hand Account of Handling Animals Following Katrina by Dr. Joseph Taboada
  • Invisible Pet Owners - Lessons Learned from Katrina by Lisa Greenhill
  • Lessons Learned Following the Greensburg Tornado by Dr. Christen L. Skaer
  • Personal Experience at Greensburg by Pam Muntz
  • How to be Prepared by Dr. Christen L. Skaer

For more information on pets and disasters, see the following resources:

Pet Items

Preparing for the Unexpected

Preparing your Pets for Disasters

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