Table of Juniper, Hawthorn, and Crab Apple Resistant to Rust Diseases

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Cedar-apple rust is a fungus disease of apple and cedar and spends parts of its life cycle on each host. It is caused by Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae. The fungus can infect leaves and fruit of most cultivars in the eastern region. This table lists juniper, hawthorn, and crab apple cultivars with resistance to rust diseases. 

Juniperus (Juniper) Crataegus (Hawthorn) Malus (Crab Apple)
Cedar-apple and hawthorn rust resistant Cedar hawthorn rust resistant Cedar hawthorn rust resistant
J. ashei C. crus-galli 'Adams'
  C. intricata 'Beverly'
J. chinenis C. laevigata 'Candied Apple'
  'Fermina'   'Autumn Glory' 'Dolgo'
  'Fortunei' C. phaenopyrum 'Donald Wyman'
  'Hetzii' C. pruinosa 'Eleyi'
  'Japonica' C. viridis 'Inglis'
  'Keteleeri'  'Winter King' 'Indian Summer'
  'Leeana'   'Liset'
  'Mas'   'Mt. Arbor'
  'Oblonga'   'Narrangasett'
  'Pedula'   'Periscifolia'
  'Pfitzeriana'   'Red Jewel'
  'Pfitzeriana compacta'   'Robinson'
  'Pfitzeriana glauca'   'Robusta'
  'Plumosa aurea'   'Royalty'
  'Pyramidalis'   Sargent cv. 'Tina'
  'Sargentii'   'Snowdrift'
 ' Sargentii variegata'   'Special Radiant'
  'Sartentii watereri'   'Zumi'
J. communis
  'Oblonga pendula'
  'Saxatilis pallas'
  'Suecia nana'
J. conferta
J. formosana 'Hyata'
J. horizontalis
J. procumbens (=J. chinensis var. procumbens)
J. rigida
J. sabina
  'Knap Hill' var. tamariscifolia
J. squamata
J. virginiana
  'Berg's Rust Resistant'

See Cedar-Apple Rust for more information.

Table source:

Information source: Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet, Plant Pathology, 2021 Coffey Road, Columbus, OH 43210-1087, Cedar Rust Diseases of Ornamental Plants, HYG-3055-96, by Jim Chatfield, Stephen Nameth, and C. Wayne Ellett.

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