Blueberry Insect Pest Identification Guide

Blueberries December 07, 2015 Print Friendly and PDF

Prepared by: Denise Attaway and Natalie Hummel

 closeup of an aphid Blueberry maggotYellownecked caterpillar.


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The intent of this guide is to inform blueberry producers of all blueberry pests that can attack blueberry crops in the United States. Pests may be different depending on which region your crops are located.
Contact your local Cooperative Extension Service office to confirm identification of any pest(s) you may find.

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If you have any questions, please contact Natalie Hummel.

We would like to thank the entomologists, listed below, for their review of material posted in this blueberry pest insect guide. We would like to thank Lisa West (IT Coordinator) for technical assistance.

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 Entomologists who assisted are:

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