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The military community uses numerous abbreviations and acronyms to identify various programs, organizations, and titles. As a military caregiver, you may be overwhelmed by your wounded warrior’s condition and the environment in which you are providing care. If you are struggling to understand military language, use the following list to find the meanings of abbreviations, acronyms, and terms related to military caregiving. 


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AAFES: Army Air Force Exchange Service

ABCMR: Army Board for Correction of Military Records

AC: Active Component

ACAP: Army Career and Alumni Program

ACEP: Army Center for Enhanced Performance

ACES: Army Continuing Education System

ACFSC: Army Community and Family Support Center

ACS: Army Community Service

ACSIM: Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management

ACU: Army Combat Uniform

AD: Active Duty

ADA: American with Disabilities Act

ADL: Activities of Daily Living

ADME: Active Duty Medical Evaluation

AEC: Army Education Center

AER: Army Emergency Relief

AFAP: Army Family Action Plan or Army Family Advocacy Program

AFC: Army Family Covenant

AFMCSS: Armed Forces Military Clothing Sales Store

AFTB: Army Family Team Building

AGR: Active Guard Reserve

AIFSN: Army Integrated Family Support Network

AIREVAC: Air Evacuation

AKIBK: Above Knee/Below Knee

AKO: Army Knowledge Online

ALARACT: All Army Action

AMAP: Army Medical Action Plan

AMEDD: Army Medical Department

AMVET: American Veterans

AOS: Army One Source

APFT: Army Physical Fitness Test

AR: Army Reserve

ARC: American Red Cross

ARFPC: Army Reserve Forces Policy Committee

ARI: Army Research Institute

ARNG: Army National Guard

ASAP: Army Substance Abuse Program

ASYMCA: Armed Service YMCA

ATC: Access to Care

AVC: Army Volunteer Corps

AVCC: Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator

AW2: Army Wounded Warrior Program

AWCTS: Army Warrior Care and Transition System



BAMC: Brooke Army Medical Center

BHIMH: Behavioral Health/Mental Health

BIRU: Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit

BOSS: Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers



C&P: Compensation and Pension

CAC: Casualty Assistance Command

CAO: Casualty Assistance Officer

Case Manager: Person in charge of coordinating care for patient

CBHCO: Community-Based Health Care Organization

CBOC: Community-Based Outpatient Clinic

CBWTU: Community-Based Warrior Transition Unit

CDC: Child Development Center

CHCS: Composite Health Care System

CHTW: Coming Home to Work

CIP: Combat Incentive Pay

CLEOS: Child and Youth Liaison, Education and Outreach Service

CMAOC: Casualty and Mortuary Affairs Operation Center

CMP: Care Manager Program

CoA: Course of Action

COAD: Continue On Active Duty

COAR: Continue On Active Reserve

Commissary: Grocery store

CON LEAVE: Convalescent Leave

CONUS: Continental United States (not including Hawaii or Alaska)

CP: Civilian Personnel

CPAC: Civilian Personnel Activity Center

CPP: Civilian Personnel Policy

CRA: Clothing Replacement Allowance

CRDP: Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay

CRSC: Combat-Related Special Compensation

CSA: Chief of Staff of the Army

CSD: Combat Stress Disorder

CTP: Comprehensive Treatment Plan

CVL: Convalescent Leave

CYS: Child and Youth Services

CYSS: Child and Youth School Services


DA 2984: Official request for families to travel, completed by attending physician

DA WIA: Department of the Army Wounded In Action Branch

DA: Department of the Army

DAMC: Darnell Army Medical Center

DCIPS: Defense Casualty Information Processing System

DCS: Deployment Cycle System

DFAS: Defense Finance and Accounting Service

DOD: Department of Defense

DODD: Department of Defense Directive

DODI: Department of Defense Instruction

DRP: Deployment Readiness Program

DTAP: Disabled Transition Assistance Program

DVA: Department of Veterans Affairs

DVBIC: Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center



EAP: Employee Assistance Program

ECHO: Extended Care Health Option

EEO: Equal Employment Opportunity

EFMP: Exceptional Family Member Program

ERB: Enlisted Record Brief

ERP: Employment Readiness Program



FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid

FAP: Family Advocacy Program

FCP: Family Care Plan

FLC: Family Life Coach

FM: Family Member                                                                               

FMLA: Family and Medical Leave Act

FMWRC: Family and Morale Welfare and Recreation Command

FORSCOM: Forces Command                                      

FRG: Family Readiness Group

FRP: Financial Readiness Program

FRSA: Family Readiness Support Assistant

FRTI: Facilitator, Recorder, Transcriber, Issue



GAO: General Accounting Office

GMH: Government Military Housing

GOSC: General Officer Steering Committee



HIPAA: Health Information Portability and Accountability Act

HPOA: Healthcare Power of Attorney

HQ: Headquarters

HQDA: Headquarters Department of the Army



I&R: Information and Referral

ID: Identification Card

IG: Inspector General

IMA: Individual Mobilization Augmentee

IMCOM: Installation Management Command

IPR: In-Process Review

IRR: Individual Ready Reserve

ITO: Invitational Travel Order

IU: Individual Unemployablility



JAG: Judge Advocate General–legal assistance/Staff Judge Advocate

JFTR: Joint Federal Travel Regulations



KIA: Killed in Action



LDC: Leader Development Center

LES: Leave and Earnings Statement–paycheck

LNO: Liaison Officer

LOA: Line of Action

LOD: Line of Duty

LRMC: Landsthul Regional Medical Center



M&RA: Manpower and Reserve Affairs

MACOM: Major Command

MAMC: Madigan Army Medical Center

MCFSN: Multi-Component Family Support Network

MEB: Medical Evaluation Board

MEDCOM: U.S. Army Medical Command

MFLC: Military Family Life Consultants

MFT: Marriage and Family Therapy

MGIB: Montgomery GI Bill

MHAT: Mental Health Assessment Team

MHS: Military Health System

MILPER: Military Personnel

MMSO: Military Medical Support Office

MOA: Memorandum of Agreement

MOS: Military Occupational Specialty or Military One Source

MOU: Memorandum of Understanding

MP: Military Police

MRP: Multicultural Readiness Program

MRP2: Medical Retention Processing (2)

MTF: Military Treatment Facility



NCO: Non-Commissioned Officer

NCOER: Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Report

NCOES: Non-Commissioned Officer Education System

NDAA: National Defense Authorization Act

Needs Assessment Checklist: DA WIA listing of family needs for travel purposes done after notification

NG: National Guard

NGB: National Guard Bureau

NGO: Non-Governmental Organization

NMA: No Medical Attendant

NNMC: National Naval Medical Center  

Notification: Families told of injury/illness of soldier

NPO: Non-Profit Organization

NPSP: New Parent Support Program



OASD: Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense

OCAR: Office of the Chief, Army Reserve

OCCH: Office of the Chief of Chaplains

OCO: Overseas Contingency Operations

OCONUS: Outside the Continental United States

OEF: Operation Enduring Freedom

OES: Officer Education System

OIF: Operation Iraqi Freedom

OPSEC: Operational Security

ORB: Officer Record Brief

OSD: Office of the Secretary of Defense

OTJAG: Office of the Judge Advocate General

OTSG: Office of the Surgeon General



PAC: Pay and Allowance Continuation

PAO: Public Affairs Office

PCM: Primary Care Manager

PCS: Permanent Change of Station

PDCM: Post-Deployment Care Management

PDES: Physical Disability Evaluation System

PDHA: Post-Deployment Health Assessment

PDHRA: Post-Deployment Health Reassessment

PDRI: Permanent Disability Retired List

PEB: Physical Evaluation Board

PEBLO: Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer

PET scan: Positron Emission Tomography scan

PHR: Personal Health Record

PNS: Polytrauma Network Site

POA: Power of Attorney

Post: Army Installation

POV: Privately Owned Vehicle

PPP: Priority Placement Program

PR&R: Proponency Office for Rehabilitation and Reintegration

PR: Public Relations

PRC: Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center

PTA: Post-Traumatic Amnesia

PTSD: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PX: Post Exchange–like a department store



RC: Reserve Component

RCC: Recovery Care Coordinator

RCP: Retention Control Point

RCS: Readjustment Counseling Service

RDC: Rear Detachment Commander

R.E.A.D.Y.: Resources for Education About Deployment and You

REAR-D: Rear Detachment Commander–liaison with the soldier’s unit

REFRAD: Release from Active Duty

RMC: Regional Medical Command

RRC: Regional Readiness Command

RRP: Relocation Readiness Program

RSO: Retirement Service Officer



SA: Secretary of the Army

SAPR: Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

SAS: School Age Services

SCRA: Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

SECARMY: Secretary of the Army

SECDEF: Secretary of Defense

SFAC: Soldier and Family Assistance Center

SFMS: Soldier Family Management Specialist

SG: Surgeon General

SGLI: Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance

Shopette: Similar to a convenience store

SI: Serious Injury

SM: Service Member

SME: Subject Matter Expert

SOC: Senior Oversight Committee

SOS: Survivor Outreach Services

SRM: Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization

SSA: Social Security Administration

SSC: Soldier Support Center

SSDI: Social Security Disability Insurance

SSI: Supplemental Security Income

SVB: Survivors Veterans Benefits



T&TO: Transportation and Travel Orders

TAMC: Tripier Army Medical Center

TAP: Transition Assistance Program

TBI: Traumatic Brain Injury

TCS: Temporary Change of Station

TDRl: Temporary Disability Retired List

TDY: Temporary Duty

TMA: TRICARE Management Activity

TMAC: TRICARE Maximum Allowable Charge

TPR: TRICARE Prime Remote

Travel voucher: Paperwork filed to receive reimbursement for T&TO

TRADOC: Training and Doctrine Command

TRDP: TRICARE Retiree Dental Program

TRICARE: Military health insurer

TRO: TRICARE Regional Office

TRS: TRICARE Reserve Select

TSC: TRICARE Service Center

TSGLI: Traumatic Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance



UCMJ: Uniformed Code of Military Justice

Unit: All soldiers are a part of a military unit or organization

USAR: United States Army Reserve

USARC: United States Army Reserve Command



VA: Veterans Affairs

VBA: Veterans Benefits Administration

VCSA: Vice Chief of Staff of the Army

VFW: Veterans of Foreign Wars

VHA: Veterans Health Administration

VR&E: Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

VSI: Very Serious Injury

VSO: Veterans Service Organization



WCSRP: Warrior Combat Stress Reset Program

WCTP: Warrior Care Transition Program

WFSC: Warrior and Family Support Center

WG: Work Group

WIA: Wounded in Action

WIC: Women, Infants, and Children

WRAIR: Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

WRAMC: Walter Reed Army Medical Center

WT: Warrior in Transition

WTB: Warrior Transition Battalion

WTU: Warrior Transition Unit

WWAS: Wounded Warrior Accountability System


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