Table of Apple Cultivar Susceptibility to Bitter Rot

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Bitter rot is a fungus disease that causes fruit rot during the summer and the preharvest period. The bitter rot fungi are almost worldwide in distribution and cause an especially economically important disease in the southern United States. Outbreaks can occur rapidly, and losses can be severe, especially under prolonged warm, wet weather. This table lists the bitter rot susceptibility rating of many popular apple cultivars.

Apple cultivar

Bitter rot
susceptibility ratingz

Apple cultivar

Bitter rot
susceptibility ratingz

Arkansas Black HS Maiden Blush MR
Braeburn S Nittany HS
Delicious MR Northern Spy S
Fuji HS NW Greening HS
Gala S RI Greening HS
Golden Delicious HS Rome Beauty MR
Granny Smith HS Smokehouse HS
Grimes Golden S Stayman S
Ginger Gold S Winesap MR
Idared HS Yellow Newton HS
Jerseymac MR Yellow Transparent MR
Jonagold S York Imperial MR
Jonathan S    

zMR = moderately resistant. Specific control needed under high disease pressure.
S = susceptible. Control usually needed where disease is prevalent.
HS = highly susceptible. Control always needed where disease is prevalent. These cultivars should receive first priority when control is required.

See Bitter Rot of Apple for more information.

Data compiled by K. S. Yoder and A. R. Biggs from personal observations and the following resource:

A Grower's Guide to Apple Insects and Diseases in the Southeast. 1993. Alabama Cooperative Extension Service, Auburn University, Circular ANR-838. Ed. J. R. McVay, J. F. Walgenbach, E. J. Sikora, and T. B. Sutton.


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