Firewise Planning and Landscape Design

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Wildfire burning into urban setting.


‘Firewise’ planning, landscape design, and maintenance is important in areas where fires frequently occur. Homes built on the wildland / urban interface are particularly susceptible to the destructive effects of wild fire.

Proper design firewise planning and design includes creating several landscape zones to create a defensible space around buildings and other structures. 

FileFirewise Landscaping Part 1: Overview









FileFirewise Landscaping Part 2: Design and Installation

Firewise Landscaping. Part 1: Overview  

Firewise Landscaping Part 2: Design and Installation

FileFirewise Landscaping Part 3: Maintenance


FileFirewise Foundation Plantings

Firewise Landscaping Part 3: Maintenance

  Firewise Foundation Plantings (Oklahoma)

4 basic zones are recommended for creating and planning a firewise landscape design:

Zone 1

  • Provide at least a 30’ buffer where tall plants are not grown on all sides of buildings and other structures
  • Mow tall dry grass
  • Provide enough space for fire suppression equipment to access the entire site
  • Use fire resistant plant species
  • Use proper irrigation close to building and structures

Zone 2

  • Use low growing fire resistant plant species
  • Use irrigation in this zone

Zone 3

  • Plant low growing fire resistant plants
  • Properly place trees away from structure and space them far apart
  • Fuel load (vegetation volume) should be low

Zone 4

  • Furthest zone from the building structure
  • Use natural plantings
  • Thin out highly flammable species

Although using fire resistant plants is important, appropriate planning and design is a large part of fire prevention.


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