Video Clip: Winter Cover Crop - Wheat from Vegetable Farmers and their Innovative Cover Cropping Techniques

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Farmers and their Innovative Cover Cropping Techniques [DVD]. V. Grubinger. 2006. University of Vermont Extension. Available for purchase from: (Verified 31 Dec 2008).

This is a Vegetable Farmers and their Innovative Cover Cropping Techniques video clip.


Will Stevens, Golden Russett Farm. Shoreham, VT.

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This is a field of winter wheat that followed a corn crop last year. We planted it in September. We have a clay-loam soil here, which is one reason I grow wheat. In the spring time when it gets quite wet, we don’t have a great window of opportunity to plow it under. Rye would go to stalk a lot quicker than wheat, at least two weeks earlier than wheat and wheat stays shorter and more leafy. So that helps me in my management especially in a wet spring. Because I can plow it down and still end up with a nice seed bed without having to mow it and then plow it.

One of the things to be aware of when growing wheat though, is that it is an alternate host to thrips, onion thrips, which in our case is becoming a big problem.

This video project was funded in part by the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (USDA).

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