Antibiotics and Hormones: Use in Animal Agriculture, Impacts, and Resistance

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Antibiotics and hormones are commonly used in animal production. What is their potential impact and role in development of antibiotic resistance? This is the first in a two-part series on this topic Go to Part 2. The presenters for this webcast are: David Norris, University of Colorado; Paul Ebner, Purdue University; and Amy Pruden, Colorado State University. This presentation was originally broadcast on March 28, 2008. More...

Basics of Antibiotic and Hormone Use in Animal Agriculture

Paul Ebner, Purdue University

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  • Impact of Trace Chemicals (Hormones) in the Environment - Norris (14 minutes). To view this segment click on the link and drag the time slider (at the bottom of the screen) to 16:50. View Presentation | Power Point Slides.
  • Human and Environmental Impacts of Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance - Pruden (20 minutes). To view this segment, drag the time slider (at the bottom of the screen) to 31:20. Streamed Video | Power Point Slides Note: there is a brief section at the end of her presentation (approx 1 minute) where audio from another section plays simultaneously.
  • Question and Answer Segment - (10 minutes). To view this segment, drag the time slider (at the bottom of the screen) to 54:00. View Presentation. Note: Some of the audio plays out of sequence in this section.

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