Microirrigation in Vineyards

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Drip irrigation system in New Mexico vineyard.

Introduction to Micro-irrigation, prepared by North Dakota State University, provides a brief introduction to the basic principles of microirrigation systems for horticultural crops.

For more specific information on using micro-irrigation for grapes, see Vineyard Irrigation Systems and Economics of Drip Irrigation for Juice Grape Vineyards in New York State. These publications provide guidelines for grape growers to evaluate economics and potential beneficial effects of vineyard irrigation on vine performance and fruit quality.

The most challenging decisions in vineyard management are determining quantity and timing of irrigation during the growing season. For more information on knowing when and how to irrigate, see The Evapotranspiration (ET) Method for Irrigation Scheduling. The ET method is a useful system to determine the amount of water to apply, based on estimates of water lost from vineyard soils via evaporation and vine transpiration.

Dealing with Silt in a Microirrigation System, published in Practical Winery and Vineyard in 1999, offers practical information on dealing with silt in water lines.

Recommended Resources

Irrigation Basics for Eastern Washington Vineyards, Washington State University

Reviewed by Paolo Sabbatini, Michigan State University

Photo by USDA / CC Public Domain

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