What materials can be used for sterilizing pruning shears and other equipment under the organic standards?

Organic Agriculture June 15, 2010 Print Friendly and PDF
Section 205.601(a) of the National Organic Program regulation lists four substances which could be used to sterilize pruning shears and other equipment. The four substances, approved for use as an "algicide, disinfectant, or sanitizer," are: 1) alcohols - ethanol and isopropanol; 2) chlorine materials - calcium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide, and sodium hypochlorite, below maximum residual disinfectant limit under the Safe Drinking Water Act (5ppm); 3) hydrogen peroxide; and 4) peracetic acid. Before use on an organic operation, make sure that the substance, including its brand name and formulation, is listed in your organic system plan, reviewed, and approved by your USDA-accredited certification agency.

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