I'm a certified organic livestock farmer and wonder about animal bedding. I have heard that using pressure treated lumber and buying non-certified organic wood chips or sawdust for bedding could disqualify you. Is this true?

Organic Agriculture October 29, 2008 Print Friendly and PDF
NOP section 205.206(f) prohibits lumber treated with arsenate or other prohibited materials from having contact with soil or livestock. Lumber which comes in direct contact with livestock, such as hog farrowing crates or poultry nest boxes, must not contain arsenate or other prohibited materials. Sawdust or wood chips used for livestock bedding must not contain treated lumber. The wood chips or sawdust do not have to be organic, however. Section 205.239(a)(3) requires that livestock be provided appropriate clean, dry bedding. If the bedding is typically consumed by the animal species, then the bedding must be organically grown. Since sawdust is not typically consumed by livestock, it does not have to come from organically grown trees.

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