Will foam insulation prevent mice/rats from coming in my house?

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No. Rodents can chew through foam. Also, unless the foam is UV light stabilized, it will breakdown in sunlight, dry rot, and degrade so that the problem can reoccur. Foam does, however, help reduce the attractiveness of a structure because it slows or stops airflow, which is believed to be one of the enticements for rodents to gnaw and/or enter.

To keep rodents from entering your house:

  1. Seal any gaps and holes around the foundation. Gaps of a 1/4 inch (the diameter of a pencil) permit entry of small mice, gaps of a 1/2 inch are large enough for small rats.
  2. Install door sweeps and make sure window screens are tightly fitted.
  3. Maintain good sanitation procedures (clean up all spilled foods/drinks, etc.)
  4. Keep all stored foods in plastic containers with tight fitting lids.
  5. Clean up clutter around the house and yatd, especially cardboard boxes.
  6. Have all leaking water sources repaired or removed.
  7. Make sure garbage cans have tight fitting lids.
  8. Harvest citrus and other fruit in a timely manner and pick up fallen fruit promptly.
  9. Prune shrubs so that the ground below them is clearly visible.
  10. Mow, trim, or remove ground cover plants that grow over one foot in height.


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