Are there any predators that kill mosquitoes that I can use around my house and garden?

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Fish, dragonfly nymphs and diving beetles are natural predators of mosquito larvae, while dragonflies, birds and bats feed on adult mosquitoes.

In some states, the mosquito-eating fish, Gambusia (closely related to guppies), are often reared in large numbers and released in mosquito breeding sites. Gambusia, native to the southern United States, feed on many kinds of insect larvae, but prefer mosquito "wrigglers" and other top feeders. Your local Division of Wildlife should be consulted for restrictions and regulations on fish releases before using this mosquito control method, because Gambusia can displace the native species of fish.

Fish native to the U.S. that feed on mosquito larvae include fathead minnows, fingerling trout and fingerling bluegill. Fingerling bluegill are recommended where sport fisheries exist.


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