How do I get rid of spider mites on my clematis and morning glory vines?

Gardens & Landscapes March 15, 2011 Print Friendly and PDF
Mite damage is much more severe during dry weather. Successful mite control should begin before damage becomes severe. Inspect your plants frequently with the aid of a magnifying glass. Hold a clean, light-colored index card under the leaf and tap gently to dislodge a few of the mites for easier viewing. If the infestation of spider mites on ornamental plants is not too severe, they may be removed by a strong spray of water. If damage is severe or webbing is present, and if leaves have become yellow or stippled, you may have to cut back the heavily infested areas and/or resort to pesticides. Some of these products do not do well on certain plants, so please read the label carefully. Rotate between different kinds of miticides to avoid building up resistant populations. Check with your local Extension office for your state's recommendations, and apply the miticides to only a small area to see how clematis and morning glories react.

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