Sometimes my baby's eyes look crossed. Is this normal?

Parenting January 12, 2012 Print Friendly and PDF

It’s normal for infants’ eyes to look crossed momentarily for their first 18 months. As babies eyes get stronger this will happen less and less. Babies learn a lot by looking. Here are some facts about the eyes. It takes time to develop binocularity, which means having both eyes work together. If your baby doesn’t seem to be getting better at having both eyes work together, talk to your doctor. Unless there is a problem, most children don’t see an eye specialist, which is called an ophthalmologist, until about 3½ years old. Help your baby use her eyes: Play with your baby in ways that use both eyes and both sides of her body. Take your baby for walks so she can see different things. Zoos, parks, and museums are fun places for you and your baby to see new things.


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