What sun requirements does Loropetalum require? I want to plant a Loropetalum chinensis 'Plum' near the northwest corner of my house in central Florida.

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Cultural requirement references for Loropetalum chinensis say it is adapted to shade to part sun conditions. You can frequently see plantings of this plant in central Florida on the west side of a home: some are shaded by the eaves of the roof and others get full afternoon sun; they have done well. Likewise, these plants are generally produced in nurseries under full sun conditions. In general the northwest corner may offer a little more shade than the south or southwest sides, which traditionally are brighter and hotter. Your specific site conditions need to be considered. I would also note that some varieties of this plant have shown decline, yet the cultivar ‘Plum’ does not tend to show this problem. Preliminary research results on its cause and management options that have been tested are summarized in: UF/IFAS bulletin SL 255 Florida Extension has an excellent publication on Loropetalum seen here: Fringe Bush Check with the County Master Gardeners, who can offer you their experience with this colorful plant in your locale - Florida County Extension Offices.

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