My Minnesota garden has sandy soil and gets full sun all day. What mid- to late season flowers and blooming shrubs would do well here?

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Many of these perennial plants will do well in the site you describe: Rudbeckia, Yucca, purple coneflower, Coreposis, yarrow, bee balm, Aster, butterfly weed, hyssop, Sedum, and Artemesia. This list goes on, but these are some of the low-maintenance plants. Also, a good flowering shrub to try is Rosa Rugosa. The Sustainable Urban Landscape Series web site is good for other selections of native, low-maintenance plants. This information is specific for Minnesota or certain USDA hardiness zones and may not apply to your local conditions. For more information on this topic, choose a related topic from the Sustainable Landscape link above, or contact your local County Extension office.

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