My Asiatic lilies look beautiful each spring, but the leaves turn yellow, then brown just as the blooms are opening. The stem of the flower appears to be fine. They get sun most of the day and are planted in soil with a layer of sand under the bed. I fertilize the lilies only in June, usually every 10 days. Any ideas on what is causing this?

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The lilies are probably suffering from Botrytis or some other fungal leaf disease. Although wet weather is conducive to the development of fungal diseases, many factors affect the extent and severity of infection from year to year. Good air circulation helps limit infection, so allowing plenty of space between plants is recommended. There are fungicides that can be used to control this fungal disease. They should be applied before the disease is advanced, and frequent applications will be needed during rainy weather. Thorough cleanup and disposal of infected stalks are also advised. Contact your local Cooperative Extension office for fungicide recommendations.

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