I live in Texas, in a neighborhood with lots of deer. What can I plant that the deer won't eat?

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Listed below are several species deer do not prefer. Remember... "deer resistant" does not equal "deer proof." Perennials Annuals: Blanketflower, Indian Blanket, Foxglove, Rocket Larkspur, Moss Verbena, Lemon Mint, Perennial Lupine, Black-Eyed Susan's, Butterfly Weed, Texas Bluebonnets, Yarrow, Arroyo Lupine, Purple Coneflower, Mexican Hat, Showy Primrose, Clasping Coneflower, and Sweet Alyssum. For a more complete listing, visit the link below. Exclusion is the only permanent way to keep hungry deer from eating your plants. Tell us how we are doing. Please take our short survey. It is completely confidential. Survey Online Resources Deer Information

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