What can cause edema of the jaw, anemia, and weight loss in goats?

Sheep, Goats July 05, 2010 Print Friendly and PDF
Edema can be caused by several factors, including hypoproteinemia or low blood protein in the animal, which is commonly related to the large stomach worm (barber pole worm, Haemonchus contortus); malnutrition and stress of pregnancy; lactation; and adverse weather conditions. Anemia likewise can be caused by infestation with the barber pole worm or any other blood-sucking parasites (e.g., lice, mites, keds). Other conditions, including metabolic disorders and malnutrition, can also cause anemia. Weight loss is caused by a variety of diseases such as Johne's disease, infestation with internal parasites, and a lack of sufficient nutrients. When these symptoms are present in goats, a fecal egg count should be conducted to rule out internal parasites.

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