What are the best strawberries to grow in Kentucky?

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Strawberry plants may be of two major types, June-bearing or day-neutral. June-bearing plants are cultured to produce a full crop the season after planting. The ripening season of June-bearing strawberry cultivars ranges from late May to the end of June. Day-neutral type strawberry plants differ from the standard or June-bearing types in that they produce a series of three crops during a season; however, the quantity produced is roughly the same as that produced by June-bearing types. June-bearing types are most popular for the home garden and commercial use and are well worth waiting for because of their flavor and quality. Recommended Strawberry Cultivars for Kentucky
 Cultivar  Season  Productiveness  Size  Firmness
 June Bearers        
 Earliglow  early  v. good  medium  v. firm
 Surecrop  midseason  good  large  medium
 Redchief  midseason  v. good  large  firm
 Honeoye  midseason  v. good  v. large  firm
 Jewel  med. late  good  v. large  firm
 Allstar  med. late  v. good  large  v. firm
 Delite  late  v. good  v. large  medium
 New Cultivars        
 Delmarvel  early  v. good  v. large  firm
 Primetime  midseason  v. good  v. large  medium
 Latestar  late  good  sm-med  firm
 Day Neutral        
 Tristar  early  good  sm-med  firm
 Tribute  midseason  good  medium  firm

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