Prepare and Respond to Impending Floods

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Response can be thought of as any immediate activity or action taken to save lives and property when a flood event is going to occur, and during and after a flood event. These activities may include things such as sandbagging, turning off utilities, and moving valuable items to higher floors. Response also includes sheltering and evacuation. 

Protect your property:

Protect your family:

Risk Management

Watch a Demonstration

  • How to Build a Sandbag Dike on frozen ground, a 5-minute video demonstration by Ken Hellevang, North Dakota State University Extension Engineer.
  • How to Plug Drains to keep sewage from flowing in during periods of excessive rains or flooding, a 12:56-minute demonstration by Carl Pedersen, North Dakota State University Extension Educator.
  • Sandbagging Safety Tips include how to fill, lift and pass sandbags; what to wear and eat; and more from North Dakota State University
  • Preparing to evacuate your home when flooding is imminent:
  • Coastal Hazards documents in the National Sea Grant Library.


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Video and Audio Files on preparedness and recovery.
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The Extension Disaster Education Network website provides additional resources for Extension educators.


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