Shredding Woody BIomass

Wood Energy March 12, 2010 Print Friendly and PDF
Woody biomass that has been shredded at a central processing facility

By B. Jackson, R. Schroeder, and S. Ashton

Shredders are slow-speed rip/shear devices, used widely in tire shredding. Material is pinched between rotating devices and ripped apart or sheared. Shredders are used where significant contamination is evident because the internal parts are slow moving. Damage due to metal, rock, or concrete is avoided. They are not widely used in woody biomass operations because their capital cost is high and the particle size is larger and less uniform in size than what can be achieved with a chipper. Material from shredders usually requires further size reduction.

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There are many factors that help determine the use woody biomass for energy production.  Below we consider the decision-making points involved in the process.  

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This work is supported by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, New Technologies for Ag Extension project.