Grab and Go Box

Agricultural Disaster Preparedness and Recovery, Personal Finance June 30, 2011 Print Friendly and PDF

If you live in an area prone to natural disasters that could require evacuation, consider creating a grab-and-go box. Use a durable, sealed waterproof box or backpack. Put in copies of everything that is in your emergency file, and add other important papers:


  • Medical prescriptions, including eyeglasses
  • Copies of children’s immunization records
  • Copies of all insurance cards and policies
  • Copies of the back and front of your credit cards
  • Cash or traveler’s checks for several days of living expenses (credit cards may not work)
  • Rolls of quarters (banks might not be open for several days)
  • List of bills and when they are due
  • Copies of the tax form 1040 for the last three tax years
  • Copies of your home inventory list, which should include everything you own with serial numbers and purchase prices as well as photographs and/or video of these items
  • Copies of any wills, durable powers of attorney, deeds, marriage certificates, military discharge papers, divorce papers and birth certificates

The list of information in the grab-and-go box is so extensive because it is meant to help your family rebuild if your house gets destroyed or you don’t have access to it for a long period of time.



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