Top States for Number of Meat Goats

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Top States for Number of Meat Goats

Most of the meat goats in the United States are produced in states in the Mid-South (Texas), the Southeast (Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Florida and Alabama), the Midwest (Oklahoma, Missouri) and the West (California). More than 75 percent of meat goats are produced by the top 10 states in number of meat goats. According to the 2007 USDA-NASS sample data, Texas leads the nation with more 1 million meat goats and 44 percent of the meat goat population, followed by Tennessee (Table 7). California, with a 63-percent increase in meat goat population, claimed third place. Georgia, with a 52-percent increase in the goat numbers, claimed fourth place, surpassing Oklahoma. Missouri, with a 213-percent increase in meat goat numbers, ranked eighth, and Florida, with a 197-percent increase, made the top 10 list as ninth producer of meat goats in the United States.

Table 7. U.S. top 10 states for numbers of meat goats in 2007*

Meat Goats % of Total % change from 2002
U.S. 2,500,000 100 129
Texas 1,090,000 43.6 116
Tennessee 118,000 4.7 110
California 100,000 4.0 163
Georgia 100,000 4.0 152
Oklahoma 86,000 3.4 117
North Carolina 82,000 3.3 139
Kentucky 81,400 3.2 132
Missouri 80,000 3.2 213
Florida 71,000 2.8 197
Alabama 59,000 2.4 124
  • Reflects the 2007 USDA-NASS sample data.

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