Water Quality Grab Bag: Composting, Horse Farm Manure Management, Nutrient Losses from Litter Stockpiles

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The first "road trip" for the webcast series. These were webcast live from the 2010 National Water Quality Conference Meeting. The presentations include: increasing on-farm composting capacity, horse farm best management practices, and nutrient losses from poultry litter stockpiles. This was originally broadcast on February 24, 2010. More...

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Building On-Farm Composting Capacity

Greg Evanylo, Virginia Tech (15 minutes)

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Presentation Slides

Increasing Adoption of BMPs on Horse Farms in Ontario

Darryl Finnigan, Ontario Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Rural Affairs (16 minutes)

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Presentation Slides

Nutrient Losses from Poultry Litter Stockpiles

Greg Binford, University of Delaware (18 min)

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Presentation Slides

Question and Answer

All Speakers (10 minutes)

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