General Child Care Licensing Regulations

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Caring for and educating young children is important and rewarding work. When you start caring for children other than your own, you become a business owner. Whether you are running a child care center or caring for children in your own family child care home, understanding child care rules and regulations will help you operate your child care business legally.

Registering or licensing your program is a first step in becoming a professional business owner. There are benefits to becoming a licensed or registered child care professional. You will become connected to other child care providers and will have access to professional development/training opportunities, state and federal funding opportunities, and support and networking opportunities. Requirements on how to operate as a family child care business are different in each state. The following articles have general information on child care regulations. To see the specific regulations for your state, go to the State Child Care Licensing Regulations page.

  • Basic Facts About Child Care Licensing and Regulations for Child Care Professionals
  • Documentation and Training Requirements for Registered and Licensed Family Child Care Providers

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