Breakfast Brain Food

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Breakfast Brain Food

What happens when we don’t supply our brains with enough energy for the day? We tend to become irritable, lethargic, and even develop headaches. The best solution to avoid these things is to make sure our body is is the calories and nutrients it needs to help us think clearly the whole day. The best place to start is with breakfast.

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Breakfast literally means “to break the fast.” When we wake up in the morning it has been about eight hours or more since the last time we’ve eaten any food. A healthy breakfast can improve our attention and concentration on our morning tasks. This is especially important for school age. Teachers often report that children who don’t eat breakfast become restless and inattentive by late morning. Breakfast is also important because it provides about ¼ our daily calories and nutrients. A nutritious breakfast is exactly what a growing child or teenager needs, without it they are unlikely to make up this nutritional loss through other meals/snacks during the day.

A healthy breakfast can be as simple as a banana and peanut butter sandwich. Make that bread whole-grain and you have an even healthier meal. Low-fat milk and cereal, toasted cheese sandwich and orange juice, even a leftover slice of pizza will help you make it thorough the morning. Include some protein to help your breakfast last until your next meal.

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