Why Won't My Mare Get Pregnant? - Webinar

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Image:Mareandfoal-feature.jpgLearn about common problems in the breeding barn and how to increase the chances of getting a mare in foal. Join us in this FREE webcast provided by My Horse University and eXtension HorseQuest.


Mares and foal in pasture

A mare's fertility can be influenced by a variety of factors including her health, age, and reproductive anatomy. In addition, stallion fertility and technician skills all play an important role in successfully breeding the mare.

Dr. Kathy Anderson, University of Nebraska, presents information on fertility and other common problems found in horse breeding facilities in this webcast provided by My Horse University and eXtension Horses. In this presentation, Dr. Anderson discusses common problems that arise in the breeding barn and offers solutions to help get your mare pregnant.

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You can also view additional archived webcasts provided by My Horse University and eXtension Horses by visiting My Horse University's website.

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These articles are available on www.eXtension.org/horses and can provide some additional information.

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