Development and Characteristics of a 27-28 Month Old Child

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Parenting Tips for Your 27-28 Month Old Toddler



How I Feel

  • I really like it when you talk to me in a kind way.
  • I like to do things that please adults who care about me.
  • I may resist your hugs and kisses, but I still like it when you show me you love me.
  • I want to do more than I actually can. This can make me frustrated.
  • I need you to have the same rules for me to follow all the time.

How I Talk

  • I am starting to use plural words, like cats and dogs, instead of cat or dog.
  • I am still saying “no” to show you how independent I am.

How I Grow

  • I am starting to be able to do more complicated things with my hands, like turn door knobs.
  • I am able to walk up and down stairs with some support.
  • I am starting to jump up and down, maybe with one foot.

How I Understand

  • I can match things together that look alike.
  • I understand that some things are “mine”.
  • I can identify pictures by pointing at them.
  • I am starting to name pictures of things I know.
  • I need to be reminded of the rules.

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Note to Parents: When reading this newsletter, remember: Every baby is different. Children may do things earlier or later than described here. This newsletter gives equal space and time to both sexes. If he or she is used, we are talking about all babies.
References: These materials were adapted by authors from Extension Just in Time Parenting Newsletters in California, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Tennessee, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Wisconsin.


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