Development and Characteristics of a 49-50 Month Old Child

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Parenting Tips for Your 49-50 Month Old Child


How I Move:

  • I can dress myself, except for tying my shoes.
  • I can balance and hop on one foot.
  • I can skip, gallop, and leap.
  • I can draw shapes that stand for people and buildings and flowers and other things.
  • I can cut on a line, but I’m not perfect at it.
  • I can bounce and catch a ball.
  • I have a longer attention span for things that interest me.

How I Think and Learn:

  • I am curious and ask many questions.
  • I imitate others.
  • I can name simple shapes.
  • I am beginning to recognize letters and numbers.
  • I think that nonliving things, like trees and the sun think and feel like people do.
  • I can repeat songs, finger plays, and stories.

How I Get Along with Others:

  • I can share toys and play with others.
  • I have a rigid understanding of what is right and wrong.
  • I want to please and be helpful.
  • I care about the feelings of others.
  • I like to imagine myself doing things adults do.
  • I have an active imagination and sometimes am afraid of ordinary things.

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Note to Parents: When reading this newsletter, remember: Every baby is different. Children may do things earlier or later than described here. This newsletter gives equal space and time to both sexes. If he or she is used, we are talking about all babies.
References: These materials were adapted by authors from Extension Just in Time Parenting Newsletters in California, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Tennessee, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Wisconsin.


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