Energy Drinks: History

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  • 1960 Energy drinks appear overseas
  • 1980 Jolt Cola 1st "energy drink" in US
  • 1997 Red Bull 1st energy drink to be imported
  • 2001 US energy drink market retail sales grew to 8 million annually

A 2008 statewide Patient Poll conducted by the Pennsylvania Medical Society’s Institute for Good Medicine found that: 20 percent of respondents ages 21–30 had used energy drinks in high school or college to stay awake longer to study or write a paper; 70 percent of respondents knew someone who had used an energy drink to stay awake longer to study or work. Today, new products are constantly emerging...

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Lesson Contents
I. Energy Drinks: Introduction
II. Energy Drinks: History
III. Energy Drinks: Contents
IV. Energy Drinks: Examples
V. Energy Drinks: Advice
VI. Energy Drinks: Vitamins and Minerals
VII. Energy Drinks: Calories
VIII. Energy Drinks: Cost
IX. Energy Drinks: Things to Remember
X. Energy Drinks: References


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