Interactive Beverage Guide to Sugars

Families, Food and Fitness December 02, 2014 Print Friendly and PDF

Beverage Guide to Sugars


Drag and drop the beverage to the girl to see how many teaspoons of sugar you consume on a daily basis.
For more information, check out Rethink Your Drink.

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This interactive beverage guide to sugars was designed, created, and provided by Dr. Brian McCann at Mississippi State University for the Families, Food, and Fitness Community of Practice. The concept and content of the interactive was developed by the Families, Food, and Fitness Technology Team: Alice Henneman, chair, Kajuandra Harris-Huntley, Dr. Katherine Cason, Joanne Kinsey, Nichole Burnett, Ellen Schuster, Donna Shanklin, Stephanie C. Diehl, Amy Stalp, and Ashley Fondren.

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