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Families Food and Fitness Community Page

Welcome to the eXtension Families, Food and Fitness web resource brought to you by Extension professionals throughout the United States.

As families with children strive to lead healthy, happy, and productive lives, we hope you’ll "bookmark" this web site so you can access information and resources when answers are needed, regardless of the time of day or your location.

To help you address your families, food, and fitness questions or concerns, this web site offers frequently asked questions, articles on families, food and fitness topics, learning opportunities through online learning activities and families, food and fitness fact sheets.

About eXtension Families, Food and Fitness


The Families Food and Fitness Community of Practice’s vision is to become a source of research-based information for families as they work to eat smart, move more and achieve a healthy weight.


The Families Food and Fitness Community of Practice will provide education and skills to help families make informed decisions about healthy eating and physical activity by providing them with evidence (science/research) - based information and learning opportunities through eXtension.


Families Food and Fitness is organized around three goals for the Community of Interest:

  • Improve diets;
  • Increase physical activity; and
  • Maintain body weight in a healthy range and avoid excess weight gain.

Initially, the content of the website will be focused on six key behaviors that have been identified in the literature to be associated with maintaining and achieving a healthy body weight:

  1. Move More Everyday
  2. Tame the Tube
  3. Control Portion Size
  4. Enjoy More Fruits and Vegetables
  5. Prepare More Meals at Home
  6. Re-Think Your Drink

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Steering Committee

Extension colleagues from throughout the United States serve on the content groups to develop, adapt, and review frequently asked questions, articles, and online learning activities. They are the persons who keep the site up-to-date with current information and resources. Meet the Families, Food and Fitness Community of Practice Steering Committee.

Please Share Your Thoughts and Ideas With Us

We are anxious to hear from you regarding the site and welcome your feedback. Please send us your comments and suggestions for frequently asked questions, ideas for online learning activities, and suggestions of potential partners and/or web sites we should explore or to which we should connect.

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