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Distribution of Imported Fire Ants in Arkansas 2009

Distribution of Imported Fire Ants in Arkansas

Red imported fire ants were first reported in Arkansas in 1958 from Union Co. Currently there are 34 entire counties under the federal fire ant quarantine (red counties). Isolated populations of fire ants currently or previously existed in 21 counties (yellow counties). Black imported fire ants alone have been reported from Phillips and Mississippi Cos.(blue counties). Both red and black imported fire ants have been reported from Crittenden Co. (blue/yellow striped county).


For more information and fact sheets see the University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service web site:

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Dr. Kelly Loftin - Extension Livestock Entomologist Fayetteville: 479-575-3462,
Dr. John D. Hopkins - Extension Urban Entomologist LRSO: 501-671-2217,


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