A Day of Beverages - Make Good Choices

Families, Food and Fitness November 19, 2009 Print Friendly and PDF

When we think about how many calories we are consuming, we sometimes leave out the calories that we consume as beverages. There is some evidence that the body does not respond to calories in beverages the same way it does to calorie in food. Your body may not register the calories you drink, so you could end up consuming more calories than you need. Several research studies point to decreasing sugar-sweetened beverages as a good strategy to decrease calories and help manage body weight. Making some simple changes in the beverages you choose can make a big difference. Check out these two different days of beverage choices. By making a few changes, the calories drop from over 1,300 to only 370.

A Day of Beverages 1370 Calories

A Day of Beverages 370 Calories

Beverage Guide to Sugars Interactive

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