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December, 2009

  • December Webcast: Air Quality Regulations Update Focused on Greenhouse Gas Emissions More...
  • January Webcast: Using Rye Cover Crops to Preserve Nutrients after Manure Application More...
  • New Information on Solid Manure Transport Available on Website
  • Several Funding Opportunities Available
  • Research Examines Effectiveness of Nutrient Management Plans
  • Call for Abstracts for 2010 Soil & Water Conservation Society Annual Conference

November, 2009

  • November Webcast Has Changed! Will Focus on Nutrient Use Efficiency
  • December Webcast Will Focus in Air Quality Regulations--espcially the recently finalized Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule
  • Technology Summaries for Mitigating Air Emissions From Animal Manure Now Available
  • LPELC Community Up and Running!
  • Fact Sheet Highlights Ag Chemicals in the Environment
  • Livestock Helps Rangelands Recover from Fire
  • Search USDA's Ag Census Data by Watershed

October, 2009

  • November Webcast: Air Quality Regulations Update
  • Feed Nutrient Management for Dairy Producers
  • EPA Finalizes Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule
  • Several Events To Be Aware Of
    • Submit Your Abstract for the International Symposium on Air Quality and Manure Management for Agriculture
    • EPA Seeks Public Input on National Enforcement Priorities through Online Forum
    • Carcass Management Webinar Series
    • 2009 CAFO Roundtable

September, 2009

August, 2009

  • September Webcast: Ways to Reduce Air Quality Problems Associated with Land Application of Manure
  • New Additions to the LPE Website
  • USGS Conducts Assessments of Nutrient Concentration and Loads in Streams
  • EPA Releases Literature Review Documents Related to Recreational Water Quality Risks (Pathogens)
  • Smaller Dead Zone in Gulf of Mexico
  • Snapshot Assessment of Nutrient Use Efficiency on Dairy Farms
  • "Energy Production from Anaerobic Digestion of Dairy Manure” Short Course

July, 2009

  • August Webcast: Evaluating Innovative Technologies Through Farm Pilot Project Coordination
  • Archived Webcasts Available 24/7
  • Follow the LPELC On Twitter
  • USDA Economic Research Service Releases Report on Manure for Fertilizer and Energy
  • SARE Offers Continuing Education Program
  • New Climate Change Glossary Available

June, 2009

  • July Webcast: Carbon Footprint of Animal Agriculture
  • Manure Nutrient Management Information Is Just a Click Away!
  • SARE Research and Education Grants Available
  • Phosphorus Leaching Differs in Dairy Manures
  • Upper Midwest Manure Handling Expo

May, 2009

  • June Webcast: Mortality Management Options for Small Farms
  • Mortality Management Resources
  • Report Examines Changes in Hog Manure Management
  • Organic Dairy Manure May Offer Fertilizer Advantage

April, 2009

  • May Webcast: Proposed Ruling Would Require Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Annual Survey Will Be Arriving Soon
  • Biogas Presentations from AgSTAR Conference Available Online
  • EPA Seeks Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

March, 2009

  • April Webcast: What to Expect When You're Inspected
  • Small Farms Team Creates New Online Resource for Horse Manure Management
  • Two USDA Resources Updated
    • 2007 Census of Agriculture
    • Water Quality Information Center online database of articles
  • National Small Farms Conference Call for Papers
  • Study Reveals That Less Nitrogen May Be More Profitable

February, 2009

  • March Webcast: Ammonia and Particulate Emissions on the High Plains
  • LPE Website Features Resources on Manure Value and Economics
  • Reports Give Background on EPA’s EPCRA Final Ruling
  • For Your Information: Upcoming Events and Resources of Interest
    • 2009 Midwest Manure Summit
    • 2009 Conservation Innovation Grants
    • “Manure duJour” Webcast Series
    • Water Quality Credit Trading Workshop

January, 2009

  • February Webcast: Nitrogen Conservation in Animal Housing
  • 2009 Webcast Schedule is Ready! Go to webcast schedule
  • USDA Announces Office of Ecosystem Services and Markets
  • Study Shows Benefits of Using Poultry Litter as Fertilizer

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