Indoor Activities for You and Your Kids and More!

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It is a cold, rainy day. . . or school is canceled due to snowy conditions. . . or 105-degree weather outside is beyond enjoyable. Whatever the reason for not going outside. . . inside, the weather is perfect! Instead of retreating under the covers, consider a good jazzercise video, get your dance on, hula-hoop, reinvent "Simon Says," or design a tournament of physical activity!


Girl doing jump rope


  • Pull Out Those Old Jazzercise Videos in the Closet

Kids will love to blast to your past with your favorite exercise videos. Before you start the video, have everyone dress up to match the attire of the era ─ sweatbands, cut-off shirts, bright colors, etc. Burn calories not only exercising but also by laughing at your jazzercise moves and “funky” attire. Don’t have an old jazzercise video? Pick up a classic the next time you are at a used bookstore.

  • Dance On!

Together, decide on a few songs that you love. Then, standing in a circle, take turns choreographing dance moves to the music. By the end of the song, you will have some new dance moves and a little extra jump and jive in your step.

  • Hula-Hoopla!

Everyone…grab a hula-hoop…find an open area in the house…turn on the music…and start moving your hips in a circle. Then try to hula-hoop on your arm, neck, or leg. Try jumping rope with the hula-hoop, too!

  • Simon Says, “Grab an Exercise Ball”

Take the usual game of "Simon Says" to new levels with an exercise ball. Have each person sit on his or her own exercise ball and have one person play Simon. Try moves such as lifting up one leg at a time, bouncing up and down, lifting the ball above your head, or even rolling on your belly. This is a great way to strengthen your core muscles and rejuvenate the old game of "Simon Says."

  • Let the Tournament of Physical Activity Begin

Who says you cannot play inside? Set up a small activity tournament with competitions: Who can do the most jumping jacks in one minute? Who can jump on one leg the longest without falling over? Who can do the most push-ups? The possibilities of activities are endless. Brainstorm a few ideas for the tournament, and then let the games begin.


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