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Organic Agriculture’s New National Resource for Farmers and Ranchers brought to you by eOrganic

This resource, created by the eOrganic Community of Practice, is for farmers, ranchers, agricultural professionals, certifiers, researchers and educators seeking reliable information on organic agriculture, published research results, farmer experiences, and certification. Our current content is focused on general organic agriculture, dairy production, and vegetable production. The content is collaboratively authored and reviewed by our community of University researchers and Extension personnel, agricultural professionals, farmers, and certifiers with experience and expertise in organic agriculture.

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Our Goals

  • To present unbiased, science- and experience-based information in a variety of media formats.
  • To share the most current, relevant and accurate information available.
  • To be a reliable resource that is responsive to the changing needs of the organic industry.
  • To foster communication and collaboration among members of the organic community.

eOrganic Tools You Can Use

Feature Articles: Our feature articles keep you up to date in this rapidly emerging industry and cover everything from the nuts and bolts of organic production for beginners to the latest information and technology for advanced producers.

Ask an Expert: Do you need an answer to a question but can’t locate the resource online? Then visit eXtension’s Ask an Expert tool. You submit specific questions which are then directed to eOrganic’s community of organic agriculture experts. An expert will reply to your request via email. Direct access to an organic expert is one of the many benefits of visiting eXtension.

Videos: Short video segments highlighting the practices of organic agriculture are featured throughout eOrganic content. Watch producers and researchers demonstrate new and innovative cover cropping, reduced tillage, cultivation, soil management, pest management and marketing strategies for crops and livestock. Watch our videos as well as our recorded webinars on the eOrganic YouTube channel!

Webinars: eOrganic has presented over 180 webinars on organic farming and research. Please see our schedule of upcoming webinars and our archive of previous webinars at

Funding and Partnerships with eOrganic

eOrganic was initially funded by NIFA Integrated Organic Program (IOP) and eXtension. eOrganic is seeking funders. If you are interested in supporting eOrganic, please contact Alice Formiga at For information on partnering with eOrganic in a proposal, please go to

Contact Us

Please join us! If you have experience and expertise in organic agriculture and would like to join our community, contact us by joining eXtension and indicating your interest in joining eOrganic.

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