Corn & Soybeans Community

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Team Leaders

Dr. Chad Lee, University of Kentucky ,

Dr. Seth Naeve, University of Minnesota,

Dr. Palle Pedersen, Iowa State University,

Initial Team Members

Dr. Richard Taylor, University of Delaware,

Dr. Dewey Lee, University of Georgia,

Dr. Emerson Nafziger, University of Illinois,

Dr. Roger Elmore, Iowa State University,

Dr. Kurt Thelen, Michigan State University,

Dr. William Wiebold, University of Missouri,

Dr. Jim Dunphy, NC State University,

Dr. Greg Roth, Penn State,

Dr. Shawn Conley, Purdue University,

Dr. Bob Nielsen, Purdue University,

Dr. David Holshouser, Virginia Tech,

Dr. Wade Thomason, Virginia Tech,

Dr. Joseph Lauer, University of Wisconsin,

Dr. Alan Blaine, Mississippi State University,

Dr. Robert (Bob) Kratochvil, University of Maryland,

Wiiliam Hoffman, CSREES,

Insect Pest Management

Dr. David Buntin, University of Georgia,

Dr. Kathy Flanders, Auburn University,

Technical Support

Saritha Viswanadha

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This work is supported by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, New Technologies for Ag Extension project.