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The purpose of the dairy industry is to provide high quality, nourishing food products for consumers. Here you can learn about some of the unique characteristics of food safety for products of the dairy industry.

Raw Milk Resources

  • Raw Milk Q&A
    A list of common questions and answers about raw milk, including the definition of raw milk, potential hazards, questions about pasteurization, and information on disease outbreaks.
  • Raw Milk Misconceptions
    Contains information on several common misconceptions regarding the nutritional content, potential benefits, and safety of raw milk.
  • State Raw Milk Laws and Ongoing Legislation
    A large listing of raw milk legislation in the United States. The information is listed on a state-by-state basis, and includes current and pending legislation regarding raw milk sales and consumption.
  • The Dangers of Raw Milk
    A brief article from the FDA on potential health hazards of raw milk consumption.
  • Milk Pasteurization: Guarding Against Disease
    A discussion of how organisms enter the milk supply, what common pathogens may be found in milk, and the how the process of pasteurizing milk is carried out.
  • Raw Milk Disease Outbreaks- 1993-2006 and 2007-2012
    Contains data on disease outbreaks connected to consumption of unpasteurized dairy products.
  • Raw Milk FAQs
    This piece from Purdue University contains detailed answers to several frequently asked questions regarding raw milk and pasteurization.



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