Small Farm Environmental Stewardship

Animal Manure Management February 17, 2015 Print Friendly and PDF

Introduction to Small Farms and Stewardship

Manure Storage, Handling and Mortality Management

Barnyard and Open Lot Management

Barnyard and Open Lot Management on Small Farms

  • Am I doing all I can to protect the drinking water on my small farm?
  • Am I managing my manure nutrients on my small farm?
  • Could I divert water around my lots on my small farm?
  • Do I NEED all the lot space that I have on my small farm?
  • Do I need to control the barnyard or lot runoff on my small farm?
  • Storing Manure on Small Farms : Good Management Practices
  • What would happen if I kept my lots cleaner on my small farm?

Pasture Management

Nutrient Management

Vegetative Treatment Systems


Fact Sheets and Educational Resources

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