2005 Search for Excellence Winners

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2005 International MG Search for Excellence Winners

2005 Search for Excellence Winners


Lake County, Florida Mobile Plant Clinic


  • View Lake County, Florida application in pdf format:

Category: Community Service

Master Gardeners: Bill Spangler, Ralph Gerber, John Cameron, Murray Huffinger, Pam Hetherton, Jeanette Hanst, Mary Gerber, Jean Cameron, Lee Johnson, Red Linville, Bill Gay, Elizabeth Brewer, Pris Peterson, Teresa Watkins, Betty Shearon, Leona Gardiner, Joanna Fox, Sandy Hults.

Dakota County, Minnesota Master Gardener Education and Research Display Garden

  • View Dakota County, Minnesota application in pdf format:

Category: Demonstration Garden

Master Gardeners: Warren Banks, Bruce Granos and Connie Villari.

Anne Arundel County, Maryland Down and Dirty: Rehabilitating the Chesapeake Bay One Garden at a Time

  • View Anne Arundel County, Maryland application in pdf format:

Category: Innovative Project

Master Gardeners: Roosevelt Caldwell, John Foerster, Kay Ford, Jane Ingwersen, Alice Mutch, Marietta Schreiber, Andrea Williams, Judy Wilson, Don Lipscomb, Marie Mikulak.


Champaign County, Illinois The Idea Rose Garden

  • View Champaign County, Illinois application in pdf format:

Category: General

Master Gardeners: Gloria Levitt, Cheryl Pettus, Bill Sippel, James Hayes Jr, Trudy Jewel, Gerri Kaha, JoAnn Broadbent.

San Diego County, California Gardening Education at Braille Institute

  • View San Diego County, California application in pdf format:

Category: Special Audiences, Senior/Disabled Audiences or Hort Therapy

Master Gardeners: Kathy Jones, Darlene Larsen, Susan Marchetti, Joan Martin, Carolyn Perkins, Annette Reid, John Richardson, Laura Starr, Marilyn Wieland.


Vermilion County, Illinois First Tuesday Gardening Class

  • View Vermilion County, Illinois application in pdf format:

Category: Workshop or Presentation or Hands-on Program

Master Gardeners: Terry Schnoor, Janice Schnoor, Ron Shaffer, Sharon Shaffer, Gloria Young, Ray Scarce, Trudy Scarce, Connie Filson, Claudia Ferrell, Catherine Rew, Jacque Eicher, Dorothy Ksiazkiewicz, Marianne Venute.

Monmouth County, New Jersey Junior Gardener Program at Deep Cut Gardens

  • View Monmouth County, New Jersey application in pdf format:

Category: Youth Programs

Master Gardeners: Jim Henry, Bob Ernsdorff, Jayne Cleveland, Karen Livingstone, Dolores Ranghelli, Karin Poorvin, Jim Farmer, Patrice McCoy, Eleanor Hallstrom, Anne Kolshorn, Marian Bussetti, Linda Wright, Dorothy Zimms, Wanna Chin, Kim O’Neill, Laura Hardy, Linda Johnson, Jan Mundy, Aniko Pernyeszi, Sharon DeSimone, Maria Kramer, Lynn Trela, Audrey Sheehan, Barbara Richardson, Janice Dzioba and Anita Meeks

Special Thanks to all of the other Master Gardener groups who participated in the Search for Excellence this year.

Look for posters about these projects here at the Conference.

Citrus County, FL

Pinellas County, FL

Cobb County, GA

Cobb County, GA

Linn County, IA

Scott County, IA

Cook County, IL

Champaign County, IL

Mason County, IL

Ocean City, NJ

Tioga County, NY

Jackson County, OR

Tulsa County, OK

Berks County, PA

Marion County, WV

Special Thanks to our sponsor:

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2005 Search for Excellence Committee

Leanne Moorman, West Virginia Extension–2005 Chair

Barbara Stendahl, Minnesota Extension-2007 Chair

Lee Young, Pennsylvania Extension

Diana Husband, MG - Illinois

Sharon McCray, MG - California

Delores Barber, MG - West Virginia

Phyllis Stengle, MG - Michigan

Nora Sirbaugh, MG - New Jersey (2003 Winner)

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