Soybean Planting Date

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Nationwide, soybeans can be planted in early May with little risk of frost injury.

Through the center of the Corn Belt, soybeans can be planted as early as April 21. Planting should be delayed slightly in northern states such as the Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Midwestern Soybean agronomists generally agree that soybeans should be planted directly after corn. In the southeast, soybean need not be planted prior to May 1.

In the midsouth where the producers utilize the Very Early Production System (VEPS – where MG III-IVs are planted and harvested early), soybeans may be planted as early as late March.

How late? In the midwest, soybean can be planted through late May (May 21) with little risk of yield loss. In the southeast this date may be as late as early July. In the midsouth where the VEPS is utilized, soybean must be planted by mid-April.

For more information on this or other topics related to soybean production, contact your state extension specialist or your local extension educator/agent.

The following is the link to the soybean extension specialists: state extension soybean specialist.

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