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Information Iris: Caregivers Who Want Information

Story: A woman just found out her mother has breast cancer. She searched the Internet to learn more about the disease and what to expect from different types of treatment. She got some fact sheets from the American Cancer Society and she asked her mother’s doctor to direct them to other resources to learn more about what the future might hold.

Description: Information-seekers are often just beginning to start their caregiver journey. They usually do not have a high stress level. They do not question who they are or what they are doing on behalf of their relative or friend at this point in time. Caregivers in this situation generally do not contact agencies for help except to ask for specific information. Agencies can best serve these caregivers by letting them know about community services they may want to consider in the future. Typically this caregiver's experience will change as they move through the caregiver journey and assume more caregiving tasks and responsibilities.


What is your caregiving experience like so far? Take a look at the following stories to find the caregiver experience that most closely matches your own at this point in time.

  • Introduction
  • "Information Iris"
  • "No-Way Nasturtium"
  • "Placement Posey"
  • "Relationship Rose"
  • "Juggling Juniper"
  • "Stressful Snap Dragon"


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