Starting an Advance Directive Discussion

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Are you a person who:

  • is reluctant to talk about death?
  • is experiencing declining health and doesn't want to discuss loss of decision-making control?
  • has a hard time making decisions, so nothing gets done?
  • feels medical choices should be kept private?
  • never thinks much about end-of-life health-care issues?
  • thinks about getting professional help for legal affairs, but never gets around to it?

Asian mother and adult daughter

Communication strategies that work for many include:

  • Plan Ahead
  • Hold a Family Meeting
  • Talk Among Family Members

Lesson Contents

I. Introduction

II. Advance Directives for Health Care

III. Starting an Advance Directive Discussion

a. Plan Ahead
b. Hold a Family Meeting
c. Talk Among Family Members

V. Learn More


Resources and Tools

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Communicate Your Advance Directives for Health Care belongs to a series called Legally Secure Your Financial Future. The series also includes information to help you organize important household papers and begin preparing your estate plan.

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