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The Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) is a collaborative multi-state effort that links Extension professionals from across the country in various disciplines to provide information to citizens before, during and after disasters. EDEN is the premier provider of disaster education resources delivered through the land-grant university system.

The mission of the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) is to share educational resources to reduce the impact of natural and man-made disasters.

This is carried out through:

  • Interdisciplinary and multi-state research and education programs addressing disaster mitigation, preparation, response and recovery
  • Linkages with federal, state and local agencies and organizations
  • Anticipation of future disaster education needs and actions
  • Timely and prompt communications and delivery of information that meets audience needs
  • Credible and reliable information

EDEN's Disaster Issues Community of Practice

The ongoing collaborative work of EDEN’s Disaster Issues Community of Practice provides the best of Extension's research-based, interdisciplinary, educational resources to help people prepare for or recover from natural or man-made disasters affecting their communities, families, farms, or businesses.

Focus Area: Agrosecurity
The Community of Interest includes Extension educators, producers of agricultural commodities, the animal health care industry, ag cooperatives, food and commodity suppliers and distributors, food processors, food wholesalers, food retailers, consumers, and the agencies that have responsibility for ensuring the safety and security of our food industry from farm to table. Much of the effort in this CoI focuses on Best Management Practices and preventative measures, including planning, prevention, surveillance, and detection that occur on a daily basis. Research-based information is available in subject areas from farm to fork, or producer to consumer.
Focus Area: Floods
With unfortunate regularity, flooding occurs in many locations. This Community of Interest varies depending on which phase of flood disaster management is occurring -- preparedness, mitigation, response or recovery. Individuals, families, communities, elected leaders, agencies with responsibility for flooding, and those that provide assistance to individuals, families and communities that experience flooding can access valuable information on all phases of flooding.
Focus Area: Avian Influenza
Avian Influenza is an infectious disease of birds caused by type A strains of the influenza virus. The disease occurs worldwide and has become of great concern to animal and human health. While most strains of the virus cause no illness or death in poultry and humans, some strains such as the highly pathogenic H5N1 can result in the death and destruction of millions of birds. As with other disasters, this community of interest will vary. Depending on the virus and its effects on birds or humans, the community of interest may include poultry producers and workers, educators, the media, individuals, families, and communities.

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